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Who We Are

Hagerman Technology LLC is a small company focused on the design and manufacture of audiophile-grade electronics. We offer unique products that provide true value through innovation and elegance. All products are handcrafted in the USA and come with a 10 year warranty and 30 day trial period (10% restocking fee). Free shipping!

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Performance Gear

Cornet2 phono improves on the original Cornet circuit by employing a larger transformer and adding a mono switch.

"Cornet2" phono

Clarinet linestage is back by popular demand! This all-tube linestage uses a beautiful SRPP circuit for superb sonics with low distortion. Very musical, this is a must-build.

"Clarinet" linestage

Piccolo moving coil headamp uses a very quiet and clean discrete JFET circuit to provide both adjustable gain and loading. This is an absolutely fantastic device with no equal.

"Piccolo" MC headamp

Bugle2 is a new low cost phonostage based on the original Bugle. It enhances performance with lower noise and improved filtering. The Bugle2 comes complete with AC power supply.

"Bugle2" phonostage

Budget Gear

Bugle phono is a low cost phono stage that offers flexibility in construction. Extremely popular.

"Bugle" phono

HagClock is a low noise oscillator for use as a reference clock in CD players and transports.


iRIAA2 is a highly accurate filter that inverts the RIAA phonograph curve that mimics LP playback. Use to test or burn in phono preamps. New version 2!


Hagerman Audio Labs

Trumpet Reference is an all-new upgraded version of the original Trumpet circuit. Added features are pushbutton control, selectable EQ, variable loading, gain, polarity, and mono switch. The new chassis configuration is much more rack-friendly yet retains a unique styling. This is the last phonostage you will ever need to buy.

"Trumpet Reference" phonostage

Trumpet MM vacuum tube phonostage is the classic original that started it all. This Stereophile recommended component (class A) is better than ever with improved metalwork, upgraded resistors and capacitors.

"Trumpet" phonostage

FryBaby is a handy portable burn-in generator that can run from a 9V battery or from the wall. Two RCA outputs generate signals for cables and phonostages (both MM and MC).

"FryBaby" portable burn-in generator

FryCorder is a very clever burn-in generator designed specifically for power cords. It will also condition the wiring in your house.

"FryCorder" power cord burn-in generator

FryKleaner is the industrial model burn-in generator capable of simultaneous break-in of speaker cables, interconnects, balanced and digital cables. Open frame chassis for rack mounting.

"FryKleaner" burn-in generator

UFO is a weighted record clamp that doubles as a speed strobe. The crystal-controlled strobe lights operate at both 33.3 and 45 RPM.

"UFO" strobeclamp

Discontinued Items

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